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 The Dark Order

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The approaching dawn

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PostSubject: The Dark Order   The Dark Order I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 05, 2009 6:43 pm

How would you like to learn new skills?
Be part of a fun group where you don't have to accomplish anything?
Then welcome to the Dark Order

The Dark Order is a D.GrayMan themed group but you can still join even if you don't like it ^^
We can teach you to sprite and improve your GFX skills such as making sigs
There will be tutorials posted in the group section aswell as links to some free programs you can use
It has a spam area where you can spam your days away and because its my group you'll get updates on the game first The Dark Order 117163

But for those who want to improve their skills on COH then this is also the place for you
We have leader boards, competitions, special ranks that entitle you with special privilages
The top ten players on in the group get their own rank and the chance to make their own clan ^^
Clans will have their own personal forum underneath the Dark Order

Ranks are pretty general for now:
Midnight Bishop (Top 10 Players)
Shadow Priest
Twilight Exorcist
Shadow Trainee

People will begin to fear the darkness...

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The Dark Order
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